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Why it's important to have a marketplace initiative:

Most adults spend the majority of their weekday hours at work. Outreach in the marketplace offers connection to nonbelievers the church might otherwise miss. Having a marketplace outreach ministry gives your church the opportunity to influence people in the places they spend more than one-third of their time. 

We would love for your church to partner with Life Lessons to engage your leaders in taking a step of faith in their workplaces. People in the workforce are in a unique position to develop relationships and influence unbelievers. Life Lessons helps you encourage the men and women in your church to think biblically about their jobs and how they can bring their co-workers a step closer to Jesus Christ.

Ministry makes people’s faith bigger. If you want to increase someone’s confidence in God, put him in a ministry position before he feels fully equipped.
— Andy Stanley, Deep & Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend

Church partner qualifications:

In order to partner officially with Life Lessons, a prospective church must submit an application and participate in a phone interview with a North Point Ministries staff member. Once a church is approved for partnership, we will assist in launching the program and will provide ongoing support as needed. We do the heavy lifting for you.

What YOU can expect from us:

We are a turnkey ministry model designed to equip your churchgoing believers to engage their co-workers. We offer:

  • Initial showcase that includes printed promotional materials to launch Life Lessons, DVD samples of messages, and reading material.
  • Consultative services from our staff.
  • Life Lessons Over Lunch Director will help you launch the program and cast vision to your staff and church members. (could be done remotely or onsite).
  • Media kit including images for signage, documents for equipping your leaders, and promotional videos.
  • Templates for invitations, follow-up letters, and bulletin inserts.
  • Access to future marketing initiatives (e.g., print media and videos).
  • Access to North Point Ministries messages for Life Lessons use.
  • Training for all of your prospective Life Lessons leaders. (includes leader application vetting, group pre/post-launch activities).
  • Continued training and development of all your current leaders.
  • Quarterly dashboards (number of groups, average attendance, wins, etc.)
  • Collective expertise of over 14 years of implementing this strategy.

What WE can expect from you:

We hope that through this partnership, the people in your church will have maximum influence in the marketplace. We've designed this program so that we do most of the work for you. However, for this program to succeed at your church, we need some commitments from you.

  • Commit to an introductory meeting or event to cast vision to those in your church who are Christians in the marketplace.
  • Promote the program in your communications. Repetition is key. The more your attendees see and hear about Life Lessons, the better chance you'll have to spark curiosity. You can direct questions to us, and we will answer them.
  • Most important, our church partners need to share the same vision, mission, and strategy. So we ask that you share your passion for reaching the lost in the marketplace with your staff, volunteers, and attendees.
For vision to stick, it has to be cast over and over and over and over, and not just over and over.
— Andy Stanley

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