What is Life Lessons Over Lunch?

Life Lessons Over Lunch is a workplace environment where participants meet on a regular basis to view relevant and useful messages over a free lunch. The goal of each group is to create a nonthreatening atmosphere that values attendees and affords them an opportunity to pause and decompress in the middle of the workday.

The messages shown over lunch welcome participants to consider issues of finances, faith, family, relationships, and character. Life Lessons groups are volunteer-driven, nondenominational, and open to everybody. 

Life Lessons groups currently operate in more than 320 different organizations around the country and overseas. 

The guiding principles of Life Lessons Over Lunch are:

  • Positive Focus: Does not disparage any religion or spiritual belief.
  • Employee-Owned: Activities are conducted during non-company time (i.e., the lunch hour) at no incremental cost to the company.
  • Everyone Welcome: Non-denominational and anyone can attend.
  • Volunteer-Driven: Totally voluntary attendance; directed by volunteers; executed by volunteers.

Why should my organization consider Life Lessons?

In the current economic climate, job-related stress is high and employee morale is low.  Faced with the reality of a challenging job market, employees often feel like commodities rather than valued members of the organization.  Life Lessons presents a cost-free opportunity for forward-thinking organizations to invest in the whole person and communicate value to their employees.

Life Lessons Over Lunch is a branded initiative that has a proven track record of producing positive employee morale. Over 320 organizations have affirmed employees in launching the Life Lessons initiative.

Life Lessons promotes diversity and inclusion with a non-denominational, non-threatening approach. The core values of Life Lessons align with those of organizations that desire to create a healthy corporate culture—a corporate culture where all employees are respected, integrity is put first and quality job performance is valued.

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