What is Life Lessons?

Life Lessons groups are led by Christians in the military who have a desire to bridge their faith and service career. During the lunch hour, a carefully selected message by Andy Stanley or another North Point Ministries pastor is played. The responsibility of the Life Lessons leader is to provide a lunch, welcome participants as they arrive, and protect the environment to keep it open and attractive to the unchurched.

Who Participates?

Everyone! Life Lessons groups are always open to anyone who chooses to participate. However, the focus of each group is on creating safe, attractive and nonthreatening environments for those who don't identify as Christians–for those who aren't in a growing relationship with Jesus. 

How Do I Get Started?

We want to fully support and equip you to reach your unbelieving coworkers. All materials and resources are free and conveniently packaged for deployment. No strings attached. Reach out to our staff by filling out the form below or download our Quick Guide for more information.

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